Talking to Children About Tragedy

The events in Connecticut have shaken us all and it can be especially difficult to talk to your children about what happened. If you choose to do so, here are some resources to help you with that conversation.

Click on the links below for more information.

Simple Pointers for Parents (and Even for Adults) - This is good advice for anyone

Talking to Children About Community Tragedy - contains information for talking to all ages of children, including teens

5 Resources for Talking to Children - links to 5 top resources from a variety of secular sources

Talking to Children About Death - talking to children about death in general

URJ Resource page on Bereavement - contains additional links about grief

Coming Together After Tragedy - by Rabbi Eddie Mencher

Prayers and Readings - from the URJ

Responding to Children and Teens After a Crisis - from the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland




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