TAS High

Dear High School Families,

Welcome, or welcome back! We have changed and improved our high school structure, and want to explain our new methods for all of our new and returning students. Our interesting and engaging program still includes motivating classes, inspirational workshops, and social time, and now also the opportunity to better the world. Our classes will still be meeting on Tuesday nights, and our program is being refocused to include many new exciting curricular areas. We have changed our “chugim” program to “Resilience workshops” – students will still have options to choose from, but the focus of each workshop will be to foster resilience in our students, to give them tools necessary to express their feelings and be able to better deal with and recover from the ups and downs of teenage life. Also new this year is the addition of Tikkun Olam projects (rebuilding the world) in each Resilience workshop. Each class will choose from a list of needy organizations and find ways that they can help. This may or may not include additional time on a Sunday during the year to go to an organization and provide hands-on help. Another new aspect of our program is the addition of a Beit T’shuvah program called Partners in Prevention. Members of Beit T’shuvah will be coming in weekly to teach each grade about themselves, their values, and how to deal with life’s pressures. Lastly, we will be assigning units to our entire curriculum. Please see the chart in this brochure for a listing of all the units to be earned and the units required. We are excited about the changes to our program, and hope that our innovations challenge our students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually!


Sharon Furman-Lee
Religious School Director
18200 Rinaldi Place * Northridge, CA 91326 * 818-360-2258