All About DONOR Information

A DONOR is a contribution of time and/or money that is given to Ways & Means and Religious Observances projects. Donor credit can be earned for set-up of an event, working an event, clean-up of an event and through donations of cash to Sisterhood. The GOAL of the Donor program is to involve as many women as possible in raising funds for the TAS Sisterhood. The first Donor earned entitles you to attend our annual Donor event. Each additional Donor earned entitles you to bring a non-Sisterhood member to the Donor event. A Donor is earned when a member has contributed $80 worth of time or money to Sisterhood fundraising projects. The Donor year runs from June through the following May. Donor credit cannot be carried over from one year to the next. Officers, chairwomen and committee members do not earn Donor credit for fulfilling the obligations of their Sisterhood positions. However, any member who works at a Sisterhood fundraising event or project will earn Donor credit. Click here to download the full All About Donor details on how to earn a DONOR.
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