Blood Donors’ Database

Would you donate blood for a fellow member of our TAS community? Jewish tradition teaches that the greatest mitzvah is pikuah nefesh, the saving of a life. There are times when members of our Temple turn to the congregation for blood donations. Usually this happens when surgery is scheduled in advance, but the patient is not well enough to donate his or her blood, and/or family members are not qualified donors. Temple Ahavat Shalom would like to create a data base with the names of potential donors. We would use this information only to try to find directed blood donors for a congregant in need. If you would be willing to participate in this mitzvah, please fill out the form below and click SUBMIT or print it and bring it in to the Temple office or email it back to Sue Issler at ALL INFORMATION WILL REMAIN COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL ONLY BE USED TO HELP MEMBERS OF OUR CONGREGATION! Remember, our tradition teaches us that if one saves one life, it is as if they have saved the entire world!
Contact Information:
18200 Rinaldi Place * Northridge, CA 91326 * 818-360-2258