Count Me In Too!

Count Me In Too!
We want to send a huge thanks to our families and friends that have participated in the Count Me In Too! Campaign. To date, 183 households have participated in making a pledge. We have raised nearly $265,600, that is 88% of our goal of $300,000. We have a ways to go and we need Everyone’s Help to get there! There is still time to Count You In Too!. If you have made a pledge or are making a pledge, let others know you are counted in too by using #countmeintooTAS and or #TASnorthridgecommunity. G’mar Hatimah Tovah! Thanks to the following members and friends who are participating in Count Me In Too! We truly appreciate and value your support! Please note, we have a large number of members and friends who are also participating but would like to remain anonymous. Names are updated as pledges are made.
Richard & Patricia Aidem, Robert & Michelle Baron, Hal & Phyllis Bass, Natalie Berkowitz, Ken & Kathy Bernstein, Carol & Neil Bernstein, Susan & Michael Bierman, Mel & Les Birken, Robyn & Joe Blachman, David Brand, David & Rebecca Breuer, Alyce & Jim Caskey, Sue Cohen, Robert & Enza Cohn, Keith Crasnick & Judith Tishkoff, Alice & Alain Dalva, Ross & Gayle Denny, Yale & Dorothy Doberne, Michael & Lynn Doner, Carey Eckert & Lorena Carbajal, Allan & Pam Evenas, Karen Davis & Daniel Faigin, Rick Field, Frank & Victoria Flam, Jennifer & John Flowers, Mindy & Dave Free, Eileen & Mark Freedman; Sheldon & Maureen Fried, Ron & Sandy Friedman, Nancy & Richard Horn, Adam Garelik, Shelly & Lori Garelik, Gregg Garfinkel, Doug & Vivian Gee, Daniel & Arsenia Gesshel, Scott & Gayl Gluck, Hildie Gold & Sherman Gratch, Lindsey & Jeff Goldbloom, Karen Goldman & Todd Reznik, Ed & Fran Handler, Brian & Cheryl Hatkoff, Bruce & Terry Hatkoff, Annette & Kenneth Held, Jerry & Marcy Hilecher, Larry & Dori Hoffman, Eunice Horwitz, Stephen & Angela Hyam, Paul & Sue Issler, Allison & Mark Kamerman, John & Judy Kane, Glenn & Lisa Kantor, Nancy & Ed Kaplan, Alan & Melissa Kassan, Ricky & Madelyn Katz, Tammy Kent, Abbey Klein, Melinda & Scott Kough, Pam & David Kramer, Joan Krimston & David Korduner, Steven & Jennifer Kosoy, Fran Krimston, Barry & Wendy Krowne, Kim Krowne & Edward Lyimo, Aaron & Lisa Labowitz, Alan & Fran Lapides, Sandy & Eric Lertzman, Susie & Ron Levine, Diane Levine, Mark & Debby Lieber, Roger & Ellen Lowe, Howard Lubin, Kevin & Andrea Luboff, Irv & Sherry Lucks, Max & Ruth Lupul, Nick & Rosie Mandel, Jill & Corey McAnear, Andy & Barry Mann, Cathy Meyers, Ken & Lynn Miles, Howard & Laraine Miller, Chuck & Laurie Mondrus, Tom Morton & Carol Bizar-Morton, John & Laurie Patterson, Barry & Cathy Pearlman, Jonathan & Cindy Petrak, Ellen & Roger Pollack, Michael Pollack, Gaynor & Scott Rabin, Michael & Laura Rabin, Sheila Reback, Gordon & Bice Recht, Marian Rosen, Harriet & Keith Rosen, Malcolm, Jeff & Sheliya Rosenbaum, Marlene Rutman, Mike & Jan Saltsman, Edward & Arlene Schachter, Howard & Karen Schnee, Dennis & Amy Schneider, Howard & Michelle Schwab, Jim & Jo Schwartz, Jay & Sue Sculler, Joe & Linda Sculler, Steve & Roseanna Sculler, Richard Seligman, Karen & Marvin Shearer, Denise & Bob Sherman, Beverly Shore, Rochelle & Wil Simpson, Paul & Ava Silver, David & Laura Silverman, Karen & Gordon Silverstein, Tamara & Bernard Singer, Rochelle & Marvin Skolnick, Toni Speyer, Sandy & Carol Stern, Lynn & Howard Tarlow, Michael & Debbie Thornhill, Wendy & Rik Vig, Marty & Susan Washton, Randy & Laury Wasoff, Scott & Debbie Weiss, Aaron & Debby Weissman, Les & Tyree Wieder, Jim & Isy Wiefel, Steven & Charlene Wilheim and Elaine & Kenneth Wolfe
Make your commitment below so YOU can be Counted In Too! YES! I/We commit to the Temple Ahavat Shalom Community with Tzedakah this year! For those making a contribution in the Chai through Rabbi’s Circle the following benefits are available:
  • Chai = $1,800 (2 tickets to the Cantor’s Concert reserved seating)
  • Silver = $3,600 (2 tickets to the Gala)
  • Gold = $5,400 (full page ad in the Gala book; 2 tickets and reserved seating (when applicable) to all events)
  • Rabbi’s Circle = $10,00 (full page ad in the Gala book; 4 tickets and reserved seating (when applicable) to all events)
  • All above levels will receive annual recognition in the May or June Menorah. Plus an annual thank you reception.
  • All contributions connected to the Count Me In Too! program regardless of amount will receive a donor letter and recognition in the Menorah (unless requested by the donor).
Please select one of the amounts below or insert another amount in the box below and click “Donate” below to make your donation securely with PayPal.  
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