Gift Membership Program

Our exciting Gift Membership Program is a special program that is available to TAS members. As a valued member of TAS, you already know that it is a wonderful place where people can come together for Jewish worship, learning, and community. But there are many Jews in our area who do not belong and could benefit from what we have to offer.This program allows you to give a one-year complimentary membership to unaffiliated family members or friends. There is no charge to you and you can provide a maximum of two (2) Gift Memberships in a fiscal year. After they join, Sponsors of accepted Gift Memberships shall attend with the gift member at least three (3) TAS events during the gift year. The conditions and details of the program are explained in the Q & A (below).Few gift-giving opportunities in life hold such high potential. Membership in our vibrant congregation opens doors to unique Jewish experiences that can have an impact for a lifetime and perhaps for future generations.

Consider presenting a membership to:
…an adult needing a little encouragement to reconnect with his/her Jewish roots; …a couple looking for opportunities to socialize with other like-minded folks; …a senior who would enjoy our variety of events and programs; …families wanting to foster their children?s Jewish education and identity; or …anyone searching for spiritual connection and meaningful worship experiences.

As always, we hope you will attend Shabbat services, Kesher sponsored activities, Jewish Education classes, etc. You know that TAS is a dynamic community that has much to offer. We hope you will participate in this mitzvah and help us open our doors to your friends and relatives. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Aaron Solomon in the Temple office or

TAS Gift Membership Program – 2017-2018 – Q & A

What is the Primary Goal of the Gift Membership Program? The program is aimed at bringing in new members and strengthening current members’ ties to TAS. A key element in this program is the Sponsor-Recipient relationship. 

How the program is designed to work: This is a program designed to give our TAS Members in good standing (“good standing” is defined as member dues which are paid current, prior to, and including the month(s) of High Holy Days) an opportunity to gift a free, one-year membership to their unaffiliated friends and family. Since inception in 2010, the TAS Gift Member Program has proven that recipients of these gift memberships have a high likelihood of future affiliation because they already have a connection to TAS. Gift Members receive the same benefits of membership as any other members. As with any membership, Shabbat Services, Adult Education, High Holy Day tickets, and all other services a paying member receives are available.

Do the Sponsors have to pay anything? No, they just have to maintain their member-in-good-standing status. There is no cost to the Sponsor.

Do the Sponsors receive any financial compensation or dues reduction? There is no financial compensation or dues reduction connected to the Gift Member Program.

Do the Sponsors have any obligations? Yes, Sponsors of accepted Gift Memberships shall attend with the Gift Member at least three (3) TAS events for the gift year. In the event the Gift Member declines to convert the Gift Membership to a Membership, the Sponsor shall take reasonable steps to discuss with the Gift Member why that person/family has elected to not continue as a Member, and then convey that information to a member of the Senior Staff.

When does the Gift Membership take effect? How long does it last? The gift membership is valid during July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018 fiscal year. Regardless of which month the gift membership begins, it will expire on June 30, 2018.

Will all new members who join during that time join for free? No, only those Recipient members that are introduced and have a current in-good-standing member sponsor can participate in the Gift Membership Program.

What about ECEC, Religious School & Hebrew School tuitions? Is everything included? The Gift Membership covers dues only. It does not cover the ECEC, Religious/Hebrew School, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and/or Confirmation fees.

Can a Gift Membership Recipient sponsor others?
No, recipients cannot be sponsors.

Can previous members receive a gift membership? Yes. Any person who was a member in good standing prior to July 1, 2012, may receive a Gift Membership. However, if the former Member was delinquent in dues or other financial obligations to TAS at the time the Membership ceased, that arrearage must be brought current at the time of acceptance of the Gift Membership

How many Gift Memberships can a member sponsor?
A Sponsor can provide a maximum of two (2) Gift Memberships in a fiscal year.

Do the Gift Membership Recipients have any obligations?
Yes, Gift Member recipients must attend a minimum of 3 Temple events throughout their Gift Membership with their Sponsor; including, but not limited to, Friday night services and Temple events (such as Purim Carnival, Cantor’s Concert, Kesher activities, etc.). We have found that our members who attend our worship services, programs and activities regularly are able to connect and integrate into the TAS community.

How to sign up a Gift Member? A Sponsor family simply needs to contact Aaron Solomon at (818) 360-2258 x202 or to initiate a Gift Member application.
18200 Rinaldi Place * Northridge, CA 91326 * 818-360-2258