Sukkah Decoration 5777/2016

Sukkot is the festival of harvests. Every year, across the world, Jews gather to build a sukkah to remind us of the power of nature. This year, the Men of TAS built our sukkah, and our artist in residence, Lezlie Kussin, helped with the design. Some sukkah walls are made of wood or carpet, but Lezlie helped create our unique sukkah with walls of intertwining materials; ribbons, cloth and plants. Temple Ahavat Shalom’s sukkah was then decorated by our wonderful students’ art. They hung their decorations from the top and from the walls, paper fruits and vegetables, and bags of spices, filling the sukkah with pleasant smells and artwork to show the beauty of nature. Our children gathered in the sukkah to be together on this wonderful holiday, eating snacks and getting the chance to wave the lulav and etrog. – Bria Rosenbergsukkahwalls2_2016sukkahwalls1_2016

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