Yoga? Spiritual Hikes? Candle-lit services in the round? Wine and Cheese socials? Eco Fair? Wait? Wait? This isn’t Shabbat, it’s “SHABBAT YOUR WAY,” part of the Synaplex initiative at TAS. While most Jews think of a synagogue as Beit Tefilah – a house of prayer, a synagogue is also Beit Midrash – a house of learning, and Beit Knesset – a house of gathering. It is these three classical functions of the synagogue that inspire Synaplex. Through innovative and concurrent programming that includes Beit Midrash and Beit Knesset, in addition to Beit Tefilah, Synaplex strives to offer services and events that are relevant, inspirational and significant. We hope that you will come and join us and experience the energy and spirit of Shabbat Your Way! Past Synaplex Weekend Highlights: Synaplex Sukkot Sukkah visits, Rocking Teen Service, Ushpizin Movie,Yoga. Synaplex Hanukkah Jazz Band, Wine/Cheese Social, oil tasting, latke cook-off, gift-wrap project, “Bringing Shabbat Back” Green Synaplex Shabbat Organic Wine/ Cheese/Coffee Tasting, acoustic Candlelit Service, Eco-Fair. Israel Synaplex Shabbat “Bringing Shabbat Back” (Israeli version), Israeli food, music and dance
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