Wisdom from the Clergy

Welcome to Bar/Bat Mitzvahland!

Yes, I know it sounds funny.  But, the ‘land’ that you are entering is truly different than any place you have been before.

“How is this place different from any other place?” you might ask.

“Because,” I would answer, “here everything depends on you!”

No one can make this journey for you. The path you travel towards your service of Bat or Bar Mitzvah is truly your own.  Of course your parents, your teachers, your cantor and your rabbis are all here to support you and encourage you. But truly, how well prepared you are, how confident you feel, how proud you are of your accomplishments all depends upon your commitment to the process of preparation for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Nothing feels greater than the sense of pride that comes upon the successful completion of a long and challenging journey. We all want you to feel that sense of pride! We want you to have a great time at your service because you are prepared, because you have done the hard work.

So take a moment right now. Close your eyes and picture your Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Who do you see as you look out over the congregation? How does it feel to be standing on the bima leading us all in worship? reading from the Torah?  sharing your haftarah and speech? How does it feel to say, “I did it!”

Keep that feeling close. If you start to lose it along the way, you can turn right back to this page! And now, start the journey towards making this one of the best and most meaningful days of your life.

Mazal Tov!!
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