The Havurah program at Temple Ahavat Shalom provides a wonderful shared Jewish experience for everyone who participates. It is one of the many ways to enhance your participation as a Temple member.

What is a Havurah?
Havurah (plural is Havurot) comes from the Hebrew word, Haver, meaning friend, or fellowship. Each Havurah is a small group of Temple members who come together to socialize, to learn and enjoy Jewish living with their families and friends. They celebrate Jewish holidays, eat together and worship together. For many, the Havurah is an extended family. Havurah exist for families and for individuals.

Being part of a Havurah is a great way to meet new families that share similar interests as yours. Havurah is not only for new members or families with young children but for all members looking to stay connected to our TAS family. Generally the Havurot meet on a monthly basis for informal religious, social or recreational activities such as attending services, the Purim Carnival or simply getting together.

Please click here to download and complete the Havurah questionnaire. Once you have completed the form please email the form back to membership@TASnorthridge.org.

For more Information Contact:

Carol Bizar-Morton or Tom Morton


Carol or Sandy Stern
18200 Rinaldi Place * Northridge, CA 91326 * 818-360-2258